Divorce And Child Custody in Eugene


​When you receive notice that you have been denied unemployment benefits, it is vital that you respond immediately and effectively.  Accordingly, it is very important to have the assistance of competent and experienced counsel.  Ashlee Wiese will provide that compentence and experience by monitoring all relevant timelines, subpoenaing witnesses and documents, filing the appropriate motions, and researching the law.   In this area of the law, you are often entitled to a hearing during which Ms. Wiese will present your case, while she and the judge conduct all questioning of witnesses; you need only testify.  Without the assistance of counsel like Ms. Wiese, you will have to do all of this on your own.  Let Ms. Wiese help you get what you are legally entitled to with the least amount of hassle and stress. 


You do not need to let a mountain of debt crush you and your family.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may provide the relief you need and Lindsay Wostmann can help you navigate that often overwhelming and complicated process.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, often called "liquidation bankruptcy," is the most common form of bankruptcy filed in the United States. It is important to know which debts can be discharged/dealt with in bankruptcy and which  cannot. Ms. Wostmann can help you for a reasonable flat fee and give you an honest and straight forward assessment of your case while helping you every step of the way.  


​FAMILY LAW (Including Restraining Orders and Stalking Orders)

​Divorce and the issues that accompany it can have a traumatic effect on a family, we understand that and work with our clients and their families to find the best possible solution.  We provide compassionate and experienced representation in all aspects of family law, including child custody, divorce, child support, spousal support, restraining orders, stalking orders, and modifications.  At Eckart Wostmann Wiese, LLC we understand the court process and will help guide you and your family though it until your case is resolved.